What is one person, place, or thing that makes you happy??

Hello guys.  I'm working on a second zine that centers  around happiness in general, but I need help from you!  Using the form below, please answer the question, what makes you happy?  It can be a single person, a place, or a thing.  You're answers can be as creative  as you like, but be sure to only mention one thing (I know choosing just one can be so hard).  Answers can range from something as simple as peppermint tea in the morning, to a place like hobby lobby (hehe), to a person that brings you joy just by being in their presence.  You can add humor if you like!  I want to incorporate your responses in my zine!  You can remain anonymous if you want. 

Thanks for being a part of this project.  I love collaborating with others! 


Name (just type "anonymous" if you don't want your name used) *
Name (just type "anonymous" if you don't want your name used)