Hello! My name is Brittany. . .

I am a photographer and designer from Oklahoma.  I earned a BFA in graphic design, with an extra concentration in photography, from Rogers State University.  My primary medium of choice is photography, both film and digital.  I have shown work in several cities including Tulsa, Portland and Los Angeles. I have worked with some awesome groups in the Tulsa Community including Runway Tulsa and This Week in Tulsa.  I currently live and work in Oklahoma. I enjoy spending time with my family and fiancé.  I have two dogs and more than a few cats.  I enjoy collecting old film cameras and drinking more than my fair share of caffeinated beverages.



Carefully constructing a narrative that portrays relatable aspects of humanity is central in my work. Whether it is portraying imperfection, vulnerability, rejection, growing older or childhood nostalgia; my objective is to relate to my viewers while living in a society that continuously changes and evolves.