Hi, I’m Brittany!  Let’s get to know each other.

Random Facts about me:

  • I love cats, drinking tea, and watching scary movies.

  • I’m married to my best friend from college.

  • I was adopted at a very young age.

  • I was an extra in a very hilariously-bad film called “Ratpocolypse”.

  • I love being outdoors!  My ideal vacation would be hiking through beautiful mountains with my Canon.

  • I love old music. 

  • I am obsessed with French fashion and culture, and I would LOVE to go to Paris some day!

My Story:  Where it all began

I guess you could say my love for shooting photographs first began while looking at old family photo albums as a child.  My grandma had several photo albums in her closet years ago that was full of school photographs, birthday parties, holidays, etc. of my mom and her siblings as they grew up.  Those photographs spoke volumes and conveyed a narrative without the use of diction.  I was so intrigued by this.  There were several photos of family members I have never met because they may have passed before I got a chance to meet them.  I couldn’t help but wonder who these people were at the time the photos were taken.  What were they like?  What made them happy or sad?  Did they have the same insecurities as me?  If so, how did they deal with them?  Those questions sparked my interest in how photographs freeze a moment in time.  This is what initially sparked my desire to shoot photographs of my own. 

So my mom and dad got my sister and me two Jazz DZ50 400 ISO Disposable Cameras to shoot our very own photographs.  I guess you could say that is where my “partnership” with my sister (me as the photographer and she as the model) initially started as well.

My Mission:

Through digital and film photography, my objective is to tell stories.  I want to portray the feel of a person or place so that my audience can read the image and respond to it.  When it comes to shooting photographs of people, I want to get to know the person I am shooting.  I really want to bring out what makes an individual special and what beautifully sets them apart from the rest of the world.


On October 13, 2018 I married one of my good friends from college.  We married at the Dresser Mansion in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The weather was predicted to rain all weekend long, but to our amazement, the rain went away a few hours before our wedding.  It was a beautiful crisp fall evening, celebrated with over 200 of our family and friends.  It was a magical night full of smiles, laughs, and tears of joy.  Josh and myself could not have been happier with our wedding day.  Photo credits go to the amazing Jonathan from Aiming Arrow Photography.


Featured in:  Indisposable Concept, Artist Portfolio Magazine, Feature Shoot and Superfine Prints